What’s Wrong With Sex Work?


Absolutely nothing.

Women have the right to decide what to do with their lives as much as men do. Sex is not some icky thing that transforms any of us into monsters, despite what the news media and certain social ideologies might tell us. So if a woman chooses to commodify her sexuality as a means to earn a living, it is her choice and hers alone. Yes we should be mindful of the very few who are coerced into the business, but we should not indulge in the paranoia of far reaching “sex trafficking” circles as there is little evidence this is a widespread industry. Sex workers are humans just like the rest of us, meaning that some are very decent people while others have qualities that are oft putting. It takes all kinds to run the world, as my grandmother was often fond of saying. I took that to heart at a young age and it stays with me ever today.


One thought on “What’s Wrong With Sex Work?

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